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Design Manual

The University of Pittsburgh Design Manual is made available for professionals partnering with the University. The manual is to act as a guide for the development of required documents for various projects on Pitt owned and leased properties.

Design Manual by Division

Design Manual Index

Division A: General Project Requirements

Division B: Special Requirements for University Projects

Division C: Products and Materials

Division D: Request for Survey Information

Division E: Subsurface and Related Site Investigations

Division F: Drawing Standards

Division G: Office Design

Division J: Mechanical/HVAC Standards

Division K: Electrical Standards

Division L: CSSD Specifications

Division M: Signage Standard Construction Methods

Division N: Classroom and Lecture Hall Design

Division P: Laboratory Design Standards

Division R1: Standard Site Construction Details

Division R2: Standard Site Construction Specifications

Division S: Pitt Sustainable Landscape Design Guidelines

Division Y: Restrooms, Showering Facilities, Locker Rooms and Lactation Rooms

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PDC supports the Pitt Community in all signage design and placement planning services.

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Space Planning

If you are a Pitt faculty or staff member interested in decreasing, increasing or relocating your University-owned or managed office, department or work space, review your request with your RC Head and submit an internal space request.